Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Back from the Darkside into the Light

Well here it is MIN-TKR by Dr. Jess Lonner, 6 days out. The good news is it's not as painful as I expected. The real pain comes at night when I have to get up for my 3:30 deposit. It's like fire and brimstone! Awwwww! During the day it only bothers me if I sit in one place too long and have to stand up. Blood flow issues. I have been doing the rehab exercises and taking all my meds and feel am on the right track.

My trip all started last Wednesday, around 11:30 when they tuned me up with some good old versed and fentanyl then they hooked up my epidural and wheeled me into the operating theater. The operation lasted 1hr 15min. I woke up feeling like shit, no kidding, couldn't feel anything from the waist down, thirsty as a muther and just feeling like crap! When I could finally move my feet they wheeled me into my room. My wife was there waiting for me with a beautiful bottle of spring water, perfect. I found out I would not be alone. My roommate Carl (great guy) had a THR the same day, so we had plenty in common (I have one too). The first night was the worst night I could remember in a long time. No sleep, perpetual motion machine, nurse coming in ever two hours and the famous morphine funk fed my misery. Thursday morning they pulled the morph and cath then PT came and got me out of bed for the first time (baby steps) that was fun! Awwww...I had a little lunch watched the "Dirty Dozen" on TV fell asleep for what seemed like two years. Friday PT woke me up gave me a work out and sent me home. Time in the hospital 49 hours. The thing I noticed right away is the arthritic pain is gone. I just have pain from the truma. I went back to work today on light duty and feel great. Thanks to everyone has supported me with this life changing event especially my wife Beth.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Good Bye Old Knee, Good Bye

There really isn't much to say except I am one bow-legged muther! The one on the right is the bad boy that's gettin' cut. Next time I write it will be from the other side. Awwwwww!

Off to the Races

Well two days to go! I must say, I am psyched because I did get to go surfing one last time before my surgery. It looks like it will be about 8 months until I get back in the water. I would probably hit it sooner but I think winter surfing is not going to happen this year. Next time my feet hit the board will be the 21st "Big Fish Surf Tour 2010" Anyway, my good friends Big Wave Dave, Marco, and I hit Longport N.J. Friday morning before work. It was fun, waist to chest high surf. Come Wednesday I be hitting the hospital before work, around 6:30 AM. The surgery takes about 1 hour and then the long road to rehab begins. My Doc thinks I will be inpataint two to three days. From what I understand they get you up and walking on the day of surgery. I really can't wait to get this done and as my bionic friends Surfsister and Tom say "Get to the Otherside." I do want to thank all of you who have supported me and for all your kind words. I will continue writting beginning next Monday.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Two Weeks to Go

Boy reality is really starting to set in. I have two weeks and counting before the big day. I went for my pre-op testing last Wednesday, passed with flying colors. My lovely wife Beth and I hit the beach for the Labor Day weekend and had a great time, we even got to take "Otis" our yellow lab with us. (That's one of his surf brothers above) Damn, I am going to miss the summer! I love the warm air and warm water and just sitting on the beach with my gang. Going for dinner at Tomatos and watching Beth wrangle seats at the bar (she is the best) It's all over until next May. Unfortunately, NO WAVES last weekend, we had the stinkin' North-East wind at about 10 to 20kts. This makes swell but chops it out like Victory at Sea. I am hoping to get one more good session in before the 23rd cause it's going to be a long, cold winter. I have been training to get myself physically and mentally ready for my adventure. I guess what scares me more than anything is infection. Speaking with my fellow bionic surfers Surfsister and Tango, those guys had no problem. I think once I get to the other side I would like to get out to Cali and get together with them for a bionic surf session. Man, that kinda sounds like an idea for a reality TV show. If not that at least a cool surf movie "The Bionic Summer" A camera crew goes around the world in search of the perfect bionic surfer. Looks like I'm going to have to get my agent to get a meeting with Dana Brown, Stacy Perallta or any other film maker who wants to shoot a beat up old surfer trying to squat down far enough to get in the barrel. Unless anything crazy happens I will up date next week.
Ciao for now!